March 23, 2022

Creating the Best Employee Development Plan in Fitness

Sam Caucci

The gym and fitness industry has a monetary value in the trillions and makes a real impact on our communities. This is an industry where employees need constant development to keep them work-ready and on the cutting edge of technology and the latest fitness practices. Let’s talk about how you can achieve that edge by continuously training your employees and how you can develop a revolutionary employee development plan. 

Fitness Delivery To Consumers Is Evolving

The fitness world is always changing, with technology in the field becoming more important than ever before. The US fitness industry’s revenue dropped by 58% in 2020, so changes were a no-brainer and necessary. Some fitness facilities soared, with their staff jumping on board with new technologies. But the ones who didn’t, ended up falling behind and are left in the dust. It’s time to evolve your business and your employee development plan! 

While video fitness is no longer a necessity post-pandemic with platforms like Peloton, many consumers still expect the option to be available to them. Consumers expect flexibility. They are accustomed to having options available to them. Two of the most widespread evolutions in the fitness industry are the adoption of video fitness options. This can be asynchronous, where consumers select from a library of pre-recorded fitness videos. Or it can be done via live streaming, where a customer can work with their fitness instructor one-on-one in real-time.

If you own a fitness facility or gym, your staff needs to be constantly on top with these new demands and market changes.  

So what do you think? 

Is your staff ready to deploy these new techniques and technologies? Are your customers going to be satisfied with all the experiences that you are going to offer? Has your competition managed to create new service offerings that you can’t match? 

1Huddle’s online training software is made specifically for you to create the most effective employee development plan in your industry. Take your training from zero to hero! 

Continuous Training Of Fitness Staff

Training in the fitness industry does not only mean learning how to conduct online training and courses but, of course, keeping up with industry trends. Often, a facility’s best personal trainer or member of staff is someone keeping up with current trends, training techniques, and diet and nutrition trends. This is usually done in their own time and not a part of their on-the-clock time. With 1Huddle and continuous training, every member of your staff will be the best in the industry.

Coming up with an employee development plan can be difficult for management and impossible to keep exciting and engaging. This is where 1Huddle fits in. Our continuous upskilling and reskilling platform makes training something that your employees no longer dread. That increased employee engagement leads to decreased training time and increased sales! 

You can encourage your employees to use 1Huddle and use it as a sort of competition. Athletes love some healthy competition. Keep track of your employee’s app usage, what training they have completed, and who has collected the most points. Your employees will appreciate this type of training as you are helping them continuously improve as a part of their job, instead of relying on doing it in their own time. Investing in your employees is something that the modern employee not only appreciates but has come to expect.

The best part is you can train every member of your staff from the front-desk receptionist to your top fitness experts and instructors. Different luxury fitness facilities and gyms can use 1Huddle to ensure that they stay at the top of their game. 1Huddle can:

  • Reduce training time by 80%
  • Increase employee retention by 74%
  • 91% Increase in employee knowledge retention 

Don’t believe me? Check out this study by The University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business.

It’s training that doesn’t suck. Stop draining the souls of your employees with long seminars, manuals, or 10-year-old training videos. Take employee training to the next level with 1Huddle. Our staff can help you customize your training to ensure it is exactly what you’re looking for. Request a demo today and get started!

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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