June 20, 2022

Your New Employee Onboarding Checklist: What to Include

Sam Caucci

Many new hires and companies confuse onboarding with orientation. To make it clear, an orientation is related to all the paperwork and routine work required to get started with a new job. Onboarding is a lengthy process that can last for up to a year to help recruits get the hang of a company. 

Employee onboarding is a critical process that can make or break the relationship between a company and new hires. In fact, 50% of recruits quit or are fired from their job within six months of joining, which makes the onboarding process even more important for employee retention. 

Companies need to constantly update and reframe their employee onboarding process along with a new employee onboarding checklist to maximize employee retention and job satisfaction. Wonder how this is possible? Read below. 

Why Onboarding Matters 

Onboarding is a process that integrates new hires into a company, culture, and workplace. A talent acquisition specialist or a manager walks new hires through the different aspects of a company — performance expectations, job priorities, and the company’s vision. It may include a brief introduction to the tools and technologies used in the company and should inspire new employees to be more productive. 

Employee onboarding is a transition from candidate experience to employee experience, which needs to be accommodating and upskilling. It could include various workshops, training, and pre-learning sessions to prepare new hires to perform their job duties better. 

Companies must understand that losing employees hampers productivity and customer relationships. And new employees who receive a negative onboarding experience are twice as likely to start searching for a new job in just a year, making it invaluable to invest in the employee onboarding process to lessen this possibility. 

Understanding Your Unique Onboarding Goals

An employee onboarding process holds importance for both new hires and the company. All companies have certain expectations and goals for an onboarding process. Here are three.

1) Creating a strong first impression 

Remember the famous saying, the first impression is the last? That’s exactly why you need an engaging employee onboarding process. A strong first impression affirms the decision of a recruit to join a new company. 

2) Maximizing Employee Performance and Engagement 

Increasing employee performance and engagement should be on every new employee onboarding checklist. Remember, every new employee brings fresh energy and learning to a company, and it’s important to channel it to encourage new employees to perform better. 

3) Transitioning from a New Employee to an Immersed Employee 

Employee immersion is a later stage of an employee onboarding process, but it is a more vital onboarding goal than others. It’s a stage where the employee gets the hang of the functionality, process, and skills of a company. With immersion, new employees become a more significant part of the company rather than being a newbie. 

Meet Your Goals with 1Huddle 

By now, we’ve established that an employee’s onboarding process is vital for an organization. And you don’t want to risk that by using the same old methods for onboarding. With outdated employee onboarding software, you likely won’t meet your goals, which may result in employee dropout and productivity issues. 

To prevent this from happening, add 1Huddle to your new employee onboarding checklist. 1Huddle is cloud-based employee gamification software that makes every employee onboarding process fun and engaging. 

Unlike other employee onboarding software, 1Huddle onboards new hires using quick-burst, science-backed games. And the best part is they can access these games anywhere and everywhere.  

Not just that, 1Huddle allows managers to keep track of the real-time performance of the new employees to know how they’re doing in an onboarding process. It helps employers and managers make changes in the existing games for better engagement. 

Essentially, this gamification software puts together modern elements to make the onboarding process intriguing, less time-consuming, interactive, and speedy to eliminate costly hiring and training processes. 

Who wouldn’t want to continue working in a company that trains its employees through games?  a strong first impression with 1Huddle as one of your onboarding goals. 

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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