July 01, 2022

Recruitment Software to Avoid 10 Common Recruitment Mistakes

Sam Caucci

Burning Money

Recruiting talent is a competitive process. It may seem more competitive right now, but we were always competing for the best candidates. 

Recruitment software can help streamline the recruitment process to avoid commonly made recruitment mistakes, saving you time and money. And it attracts top talent to boot.

10 Common Recruitment Mistakes

1. Unclear job descriptions

Job seekers are looking for specifics in this competitive market, and employers want to attract the most aligned candidates. Unclear job descriptions may attract the wrong candidates, wasting the recruiter’s and the job seeker’s time. 

2. Failing to consider recruiting from within

Recruiting from within is a much-overlooked technique. Forbes Magazine suggests internal promotions result in increased loyalty and change the corporate culture for the good. In a recent poll, 94% of employees said they would stay with a company that invested in them.

3. Equating education and experience with skills 

Resumes can’t show you what skills a candidate possesses. Nor can a resume show you who that candidate is. Jane may have some of the best schools on her resume and may have taken all the suitable courses, but is she ready for the job you need her to do?

4. Poor quality interviews

Let’s face it, not everyone is good at leading an interview. Introverts struggle with face-to-face skills, and time-crunched managers struggle with finding the time to prepare. Prospective employees may be turned off or may not be able to show their best.

5. Relying too heavily on interviews

Not everyone interviews well. Many folks who are introverted or neuro-divergent struggle with face-to-face interviews. The interview might give little indication of how that person would behave on a day-to-day basis or perform in the position.

6. Not staying in touch with candidates

Recruits, even great ones, can fall through the cracks. Leaving a candidate too long in this market will make them feel like they’ve been ghosted, pushing them into the arms of another recruiter.

7. Accepting  scripted answers

People who interview well may be offering you well-rehearsed, scripted answers to your questions. Force them off-script by querying further.

8. Automatically passing on “overqualified” candidates

Recruiters can make huge assumptions about candidates by glancing at their resumes. We all do it. Passing on folks who seem too qualified is based on the assumption this person would see little value in the position or wouldn’t want to stay in the position. The reality could be very different. An older, very qualified person may be purposefully choosing a more straightforward job. 

9. Selecting too soon

We’ve all been there. We’re staring at a great resume. We really like the candidate. We’re impressed with their intelligence and their answers. Our gut says, “Hire them before they go elsewhere! Do it now!” But for best results, we want to Hire Slow, which means hiring with intention, not as a knee-jerk reaction.

10. Waiting for the perfect candidate

The opposite of selecting too soon, waiting for the perfect candidate, is like waiting for the ideal spouse. They never arrive. Waiting too long means great candidates take other offers in this job market. 

Streamlining Recruitment with 1Huddle 

1Huddle recruitment app allows recruiters to reinvent the interview and streamline the hiring process. Installed as an app on the candidate’s smartphone, 1Huddle is easy to use. 

1Huddle can become a framework for the interview process and a precursor for the employee onboarding process. 1Huddle will show your company in its strongest light, regardless of the manager’s interpersonal skills.

The hiring materials can be transferred to the 1Huddle app. The app offers each prospective employee the same experience of your company and the same opportunity to shine. 

1Huddle will check whether the candidate has the specific skills you need for that particular position. You can monitor each candidate as they engage with the game. And you can get a solid read on who are your best prospects.

Only candidates invested in taking the job will fully engage with the 1Huddle game. As a side benefit, the candidate remains engaged with your company through the process. They can’t fall through the cracks because they’re interacting with your company through the game. They will feel connected.

And, because the prospective employee is systematically playing through that process, knee-jerk or gut hiring reactions are minimized. 

Use 1Huddle recruitment software to incorporate intention and precise data analyses into your hiring process. And avoid basic recruiting mistakes to ensure you find and retain the best candidates. Save your company time and expense. Want to know how? Contact 1Huddle now for a no-obligation demo.

Sam Caucci Founder & CEO at 1Huddle