TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 2016 //

IRVINE, CA – 1Huddle Group is proud to announce the HomeUnion as our latest client! HomeUnion has come on-board for the design of a custom Training Game for their sales team.

HomeUnion is a US Real Estate Investment Management firm that has pioneered a stock market-like flexibility for the investment of real estate. The company offers an end-to-end comprehensive solution of property selection, acquisition, management, and sales, enabling real estate investors access to a first of its kind, hands-free investing experience. The company uses a combination of local real estate professionals and data-driven proprietary analytics, evaluating over 120M homes and 200,000 neighborhoods. HomeUnion delivers its solutions to an on-the-ground infrastructure currently serving 21 locations and expanding rapidly across the country.

To learn more about the Training Game and how it can positively impact your team please contact the 1Huddle Corporate Office. For media inquiries, contact the 1Huddle public relations contact at: news@thesaleshuddle.com.

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